We will now be posting a Thursday WOD!!! No more "rest day"- however, we still want you to take two rest days per week, preferably not in a row.

Skill: Handstand Push Ups - accumulate a total 0f 30

WOD: "KJ's Bad Dream #2"
5 Rounds for time of:
400 meter Run
40 Box Jumps (24")

R.E.C.: 4×250 meter Row, 1 minute rest between efforts

***Also, I have seen a lot of "Bad Boying" going on in the gym. Remember, the point of CrossFit workouts is to increase your overall power output. You want to be able to move weights FAST. When you increase weights, it slows you down. The goal of a bad boy WOD is to try to match your previous score with RX weights. No one is quite ready for bad boying WOD's at 307 yet- but I will start adding more challenging options on the web page to those of you that are looking for an extra challenge. Lastly, before adding weight or rules to any WOD, you should complete it at least two times- give yourself an opportunity to PR on it as RX before adding an extra challenge!