Weights: Snatch Grip Dead Lift 5×3

WOD: For time:
100 Mountain Climbers (knee must touch elbow)
10 Turkish Get Ups (1.5/1)
80 Mountain Climbers
8 Turkish Get Ups (1.5/1)
60 Mountain Climbers
6 Turkish Get Ups (1.5/1)
40 Mountain Climbers
4 Turkish Get Ups
20 Mountain Climbers
2 Turkish Get Ups

R.E.C.: 2 minute AMRAP of...wait for it... BURPEES!!!

***Don't forget the "Best of the Box" competition is this Saturday from 9-12. If you want to compete, contact Coach Deifel ASAP! If not, come on down and cheer for your fellow CrossFit 307ers! Have a great weekend everyone!