Hey guys! So from the feedback we received Saturday on the swim WOD, I have decided to throw another swim WOD in this week! Please tell all of your fellow CrossFit buddies that Friday they need to be ready to swim! We will have normal warm up in the box, so please have your swim gear on under your workout clothes so we can make a FAST transition in to the pool!

TRAINERS: Please be sure to remind everyone EVERY DAY this week to be prepared for this! It is going to be a BLAST!!!

OK, now on to Monday fun....

WOD: 5 Rounds for total number of reps of:
1 minute AMRAP of 10 meter shuttle run (down and back is 1 rep)
1 minute AMRAP of Clean and Jerk (115/75)
1 minute AMRAP for CALORIES on rower
1 minute REST

R.E.C.: 1 mile shared burden run with 40# sand bag! Alternate running one lap (133 meters) with your partner until you have completed a total of 12 laps (6 each)