Tuesday, September 10th, 2012

OnRamp starts tomorrow, 7:30 p.m., tell your friends. Cost is $99 for current members and new members alike. The program is much more in depth to prepare new members and offers current members the opportunity to fine tune technique in a setting that offers more personal interaction with our 307 bada$$ trainers. In case you're wondering, being a bada$$ trainer is way more awesome than a master trainer!

Todays WOD will require you to take a different mindset as your prepare. We don't often go really heavy in our WODs and this one will be heavy. Monday was low weight and high reps, today is high weight and low reps. That means that every rep should be difficult.

Challenge: Two minutes of max pistols. Record your score on the board. If you're new at this, fight for a few good reps before scaling.

WOD: 9-11-01

Back Squat (315/205) Muscle Ups (sub 3 ring dips and 3 pull ups for 1 muscle up. Do these inside the cage so squatters can use the racks)

Mark Rippetoe teaches the Back Squat

Rippetoe Discusses High Bar vs. Low Bar

Sound crazy? Well, the point of this WOD is to get all of you as athletes to start thinking about being more comfortable with heavy work. The only way to build strength is to move heavy things. Remember the CrossFit definition of Fitness is "Increased Work Capacity Across Broad Time and Modal Domains". This means that if we are not training heavy loads, we'll never reach our truest level of fitness. So, scale this so that every rep is very difficult and focus on disciplining yourselves to fight for every single rep to full range of motion. Do not scale this so far that you blaze right through the WOD. Coaches will lead each class in heats as needed and athletes are allowed to rack the bar if it is too heavy to clean. Full depth is critical. Reps do not count if they are not to full depth. Full depth is hip crease below parallel. Don't settle for less.

REC: 5 minutes of rowing at an easy pace and rolling out on foam roller.