Wednesday, Sept 12, 2012

Strength: Shoulder Press/Handstand Push Up Superset. (A superset is a strength training technique involving two or more movements that use the same or opposing muscle groups back-to-back with minimal or no rest.) Each athlete will do two sets of the superset. Athletes will choose a weight at Shoulder press that is about 80% of a one rep max, do as many reps with good form until you are close to failure, set the bar down quickly and move to the wall and do as many HSPUs as you can. Once you fail, you are done. Rest at least 3 minutes between sets and repeat.

WOD: Wall Ball Cindy - 20 Minute AMRAP 5 Pull ups 10 Push ups 15 Wall Balls

REC: 25 total reps on the Reverse Hyper, break 'em up as needed. If you've never done these, do not add any weight, just get used to the machine. You will still feel it, I promise.

**After this you will have earned your rest day!

KStarr on the Reverse Hyper (You'll need a CrossFit Journal subscription to access the link)