Monday, Sept 10, 2012

OnRamp starts Tuesday and space is filling up. We are psyched out of our collective minds for this program so get your friends in here now! For more info, click here.

Strength/Skill: Push Jerk and Split Jerk.

We have emphasized the split jerk less and so this is good time to start to learn and practice it. As a note, the split jerk is not finished until you step back into the beginning position with the bar still locked out in the frontal plane.

Beginners: focus on overall mechanics of the push jerk 3x5 at a moderate weight, then start to work on split jerk at a light weight for the same rep scheme.

Non-beginners: do regular push jerk 3x6 at 80% of max, then practice the split at 3x5 at 70% of max and focus on explosively jumping under the bar and catching the bar with arms fully locked out in the frontal plane.

Check out these videos:
Split Jerk

Push Jerk

WOD: Randy (this is my favorite wod, bytheway)

75 power snatches for time (75/55) If you've already done this, make the decision now that you will get a PR. If you have not done this before you should aim for less than 8 minutes.

Wod Demo

REC: GHD Hip Extensions at 3x15 GHD VIDEO