Monday 11/25/2013

It's Thanksgiving Week! Be aware of our modified hours and class schedule.
Thanksgiving Day - Closed
Friday - No Classes.  We will be posting a partner WOD.
Have a great week!

Weekly Warm Up
3x5 Hips to Rings Pull Ups
3x30 sec Squat Hold with shorty band (Knees out, hips below parallel, work on keeping your chest up)
3x10 GHD Sit ups
Handstand Walk 3xMax distance (or hold a handstand on the wall and work on pulling your feet away for balance work)

Front Squats - 5x3

3 Rounds
4 min work/2 min rest
Run 400m
15 Front Squats (135/95)
Max Burpees in remaining time
Score is total Burpees

3x10 - Landmines
Alternate with
3x8 - Windmills each arm