Wednesday 11/27/2013

You should be approaching every workout with a goal.  Sometimes it is not necessarily to have the best possible time that you can get.  If there is a movement that is one of your weaknesses, set a goal for yourself on that movement.  For example, today, if OHS is one of your goats, pick a weight that you know you can do 5 unbroken for at least 2-3 sets.  During the WOD, take a little extra time to prepare for the lift and get every set of OHS unbroken.  Or, if OHS is not a weakness, don't let yourself set the bar down between the OHS and back squats. No matter what, you should walk away from the day's workout with a WIN.

Sumo Deadlift - 5-3-1

150m Row
5 OHS (135/95)
10 Back Squats

Run 800m for time (make it count, day off tomorrow!)