Monday 12/23/2013

No classes Tuesday but we will post a WOD.  The gym will be open from 5am-Noon.  We will be closed on Christmas and back at it on Thursday.

Weekly Warm Up
Run 400m
2 Sets: Ring row, hold at top for :30
2x12 Toes to Bar
2x12 Wall Balls

Pause Front Squats 6x2
Pause for 3 secs in the bottom.  Don't use the bounce.

OHS (95/65)
Wall Balls
*Really work on depth for both movements.  Make sure you open the hips at the top of the OHS.  The Open is coming and we need to practice how we want to perform.  Remember, technique is priority before intensity. 

100 partner HOD Push Ups
One person works at a time