Friday 12/27/2013

Goals & Achievements. You may have noticed the new white board titled Goals & Achievements. Now is the time to evaluate your training and decide on some goals. You have 6 months to achieve your goals. So make them reasonable but challenging, and hold yourself accountable by making them visible. Whatever help you need to achieve your goals, we are here for you, so just ask. When you do something you've been working towards, put it up on the Acheivement board!

*Goals & Achievements. These are your coaches and your peers who are willing to share what they are working towards. Respect anything that is on that board. You definitely don't want to be caught erasing or changing anything that is not yours...

6 sets of Clean & Jerk Complex (1 Squat Clean + 2 Split Jerks)

100 KB Renegade Rows (1.5/1)
*Start with DU. Scale DU to your ability. If you don't have them, spend :30 working to get as many as you can.
**Renegade Row - Push up followed by a row with each arm

5 Rounds
Sprint Row 150m
Rest :30

Affiliate Cup - Feb 15 in Sheridan. We're looking for a team to send up there. Tryouts will be Jan 11 at 9am. Sign up on the sheet in the box. If you're at all interested in competing, come to try outs! There are 6 spots on the team and it's wide open.