Friday, February 22, 2013

Lots of Handstands this week. Check in with Kelly Starrett with this Mobility WOD addressing external rotation through the shoulders before you hit up the Skill portion of today's WOD (if you listen closely, you'll hear K Starr use the term, "elbow pit." CrossFit humor).

Skill: 8 Rounds of Tabata Hand Stand Holds

WOD: "Tandem"

In Teams of 2,

2000 m Row

1 mile Run

In either order.

One person works while the other holds 2 kettlebells (1.5/1 each) at the end of a Kettlebell Clean position.  Like this guy:


Kettlebells must be in hold position before work can continue.

REC: 100 Russian Twists (20/14)