Friday, March 1, 2013

STRENGTH:  8 x :20 One-Armed Hand Stand Holds.  Accomplish this by doing a wall walk so that you are facing the wall, when you are almost up against the wall shift your weight to one arm and lock it out.  For an extra challenge, face away from the wall in a normal hand stand.  Four reps on each arm.  

WOD:  "2011 & 2012 CrossFit Open WOD"

7 Minute AMRAP


Thrusters (100/70) (Five pounds heavier than Fran, just to mess with us all!  Thanks HQ.)

Chest-to Bar Pull Ups

The standards for this are the same as they were during the Open.  You'll go in heats with a partner counting reps.  Counters, here are the standards of movement that you'll be looking for.

Thrusters:  Hip crease must go below the top of the knee.  Even with the top of the knee is a "no rep".  Weight must be locked out overhead under control with hips, knees and arms extended and head back through the hole, creating a straight line down the body.

C2B Pull Ups:  Arms, Hips and Knees must be fully extended at the bottom with feet off the ground before initiating movement.  Heels must go behind the bar before pulling to ensure full extension.  At the top, the bar must come in contact with your chest below the collarbone.  No contact=No rep.

REC:  Using the same bar as your thrusters, do 100 Floor Wipers for core strengthening.