Tuesday, March, 5, 2013

Here's our newest crew of Onramp graduates! If you see them in class, please be sure to get to know them. They are awesome, new members of our CrossFit 307 family!

Strength: 5 x 5 Overhead Squats (75% of max), alternating with Single Leg Box Jumps (24" / 20"), then on the 6th set of Overhead Squats perform a burnout set.  No 6th set of single leg box jumps.  Only burnout on the Overhead squats.

WOD: In 5 minutes,

400 m Run

Max Deadlifts in the remaining time (225 / 155)

2 minutes Rest

In 5 minutes,

500 m Row

Max Wall Balls in the remaining time (20 / 14)

REC: 3 minute AMRAP Close Grip Push Ups