Friday, April 5th, 2013

This is why the CrossFit Open has been important to us and we hope you've had fun.

CrossFit Open WOD 13.5 Prep

Skill:  Thruster and Chest-to-Bar Pull Up technique and Grips.

WOD:  3 Rounds

5 C2B Pull Ups

5 Thrusters (45/35)

Once this is done, rest 3-5 Minutes,then:

Sprint 2 Laps, Jog 1 lap, Sprint 2 laps

**Remember, we are having an Open celebration on Saturday at 12:30 at the Stampede (formerly Sidelines).  Everyone is welcome.  If you have not already RSVP'd in the comments section, please do so.  We need to be able to let the restuarant know how many people are coming.