Saturday 1/18/2014

As many of you may have heard, Kevin Ogar suffered a serious spinal injury at the OC Throwdown last Sunday.  He is a fellow CrossFitter from CrossFit Unbroken in Colorado.  He underwent surgery on Monday to fuse his T11 vertebrae.  Kevin does not have medical insurance.  Already over $100,000 has been raised in the CrossFit community to help Kevin with his medical bills.

We will be doing the workout today in honor of Kevin.  Matt Hathcock from CrossFit Unbroken made up a workout of Kevin's favorite movements.

WOD - Kevin
14 min AMRAP
3 touch and go snatches, heavy
1 Muscle Up
12 Wall Balls (20/14)
The snatch will just be a heavy weight that you can do a triple with.  This isn't about competition, it's about coming together, raising money and supporting Kevin.

Here's the link to the site set up to donate to Kevin's medical bill fund.