Monday 4/21/2014

Weekly Warmup
Row 500m
3x8 Toes to Bar (really try to get full sets if you can)
10 Full Bear Complexes with empty bar (Clean, Front Squat, Press, Back Squat, Press = 1)
10x Superman for 10 secs

5x3 Pause Front Squats

5 Snatch (185/100)
21 Pullups
21 Ring Dips
5 Snatch (185/100)
15 Pullups
15 Ring Dips
5 Snatch (185/100)
9 Pullups
9 Ring Dips

3x15 GHD Situps
Alternate with 3x15 Landmines many of you use a social network ie Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, other??