Monday 8/4/2014

Congrats to our amazing Team307 athletes who represented this weekend at the Wyoming Open! Mal 1st (Pro), Luke 9th (Pro), Ashley 1st (Pro), Dennis 4th, Ross 15th, Scott 24th, Aaron 33rd, Josh 38th, Wade 39th, CJ 42nd, Shelby 1st, Idalia 11th, Josie 20th, Alyssa 27th. We're super proud of every one of you!

Weekly Warmup
Row or Ride 20 Cal
3x10 Wall Balls
3x10 GHD Situps
3x10 Pushups

5x5 Jumping Back Squats (95/65)

7 Rounds (14 min total)
Every 2 min:
5 Clean and Jerk (A weight that you can tap and go)
5 Box Jump Overs (30/24)
5 Ring Dips

100 Alternating Partner Burpees