Friday 12/11/2015

3x Ride 10 Cal + 10 Burpees, Rest 1 min
3x10 KB Vups
3x10 GHD Back Ext
3x10 Box Jumps

4x6-10 Deficit/Parallette HSPU
*Challenge yourself and go strict as much as possible.

Partner WOD
Run 6 Laps
Run 5 Laps
Run 4 Laps
Run 3 Laps
Run 2 Laps
Run 1 Lap
*Alternate sets. So partner 1 will run 6 laps, then partner 2 will run 6. Then 5 and 5, and so on.
**Try to work with someone who runs at your pace so your work to rest ratio is about even.

3x6 Front Rolls