Monday 3/23/2015

Row, Run or Ride 2 min
3x10 Box Jumps
3x10 KB Vups
3x10 KB Swings

8x1 Overhead Squats

30 Cal Ride
Thrusters (115/75)
Pull Ups

100 Partner Homeschoolers

Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your two ears.
— Laird Hamilton

We received this note from one of our long time members and wanted to share it with you all.

CrossFit: The 307 Community.

I started my CrossFit journey about three years ago. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and had no idea how it would impact and change my life the way it has. Over the past four weeks many of us have competed in the Open. Many of us have had two experiences over the past four weeks. We have found that we have more capabilities than we thought possible and pushed our limits surprising ourselves in a positive way. This experience left us believing in ourselves and may have given the ego a good boost. The second experience is slightly less flattering. Weaknesses have been exposed (we all have them) and many of us have left feeling angry or upset because we can’t complete a workout to our satisfactory. However through both experiences I am sure most of us have noticed how supportive and involved the community at 307 is. Whether you’re kicking ass in a workout or failing rep after rep, someone was cheering and being supportive. After completing last night’s workout, I asked myself, “What are you doing here?” WHY do you come here every day? What makes it so special? Then I realized that my answers were simple. I am here for BOTH of the experiences I mentioned above, the positive and the negative. The positive ones leave me feeling like a million bucks reminding me that all of the hard work is worth it, and the negative ones make me “hungry” to do better. However without our community I am not so sure I would want to always come back. I realized last night that no matter what experience we have with our workout, I look around and see us all having a good time. We are blessed at 307 with amazing leaders, coaches, and friends. The way that I have seen athletes support each other in our box has been amazing, and left me feeling like I needed to share out about this experience. I think as an athlete one thing we have to do is remind ourselves how far we have come rather than always telling ourselves that we have a long way to go. When asking myself “What am I doing here?” I realized that I am not only in that box to better myself as an athlete, but I am there because all of my 307 family is. Day in and day out for the past three years it has been a second home to me personally and I’m sure many of you.  Although I think a lot of us expect more out of ourselves as athletes, I think we can all agree that there is no place we would rather be when struggling through a workout. I think we also would all agree there is no place we would rather be when we are succeeding in workouts. Either way, as athletes we learn from the experience and sometimes our confidence is completely stripped away after we finish a WOD. Sometimes our confidence is fed and we share those successes with our CrossFit family. No matter what has happened in the open, the community at 307 has made it an extremely positive experience. There’s no way I would show up to the gym everyday if I knew I was going to have a bad workout or negative experience every time I arrived there. The truth is we don’t always know what’s going to happen in these workouts but its ok because we support each other. So we come back for more. We come back to get better, to laugh, to fail, to succeed, and to thrive. We push our limits day in and day out, and we push each other to be better. The support and love has been unreal this year, and all of us should take pride in that. We should take pride in our community. After talking to various athletes over the past four weeks I have come to understand that We are all here for something, and we strive to be better each and every day, but most importantly there is no place else we would rather be doing these things. It really is all about “having fun and being awesome.”