Tuesday 6/16/2015

Team307 finished up in 2nd place last weekend at the Wyo Affiliate Cup in Laramie.  It was an inspiring performance.  We're super proud of you guys and feel privileged to have you represent us.  Check out the pics!

We also had 6 girls compete in Cherry Creek on Sunday in what looked like a pretty grueling competition.  Great job with the 4th place finish ladies!

50 Air Squats
3x:16sec Lsit
2x3 Muscle Ups
2x12 Wall Balls

3x10 Overhead Squats

100-75-50 Double Unders
15-10-5 Muscle Ups
*100 DU then 15 MU, then 75 DU, 10 MU... etc.

3x10 Box Step Ups each leg
*With KB locked out overhead

The 2015 Throwdown is coming. Are you ready?