Tuesday 8/11/2015

In July, you guys tallied exactly 1000 workouts from our daily WODs that were marked on the board.  Last Saturday, the coaches got together and did 1000 burpees.  We're happy to be able to say that we completed them in just under 7 min.  Thanks to all of you for coming out each day and doing the workouts.  It means a lot to us to see you guys continue to work through the summer!  Now, let's prep for the Throwdown!

BTW, the Throwdown filled up in less than 11 mins.  We have 10 teams representing from the 307! Judge and Volunteer signup will start soon and we'll let you know when!

Throwdown Event 1 Release

50 Walking Lunges
2x20 GHD Hip Extensions
2x10 Box Jumps
2x10 Toes to Bar

5x7 Sumo Deadlifts

1, 2, 3...12
Deadlift (165/105)
Box Jumps (24/20)

100 Partner Pushups for Time