1535 Thursday 9/1/2016

New! Thursdays are now going to be skill classes. The strength work is being subbed out with skill work. You will spend a good portion of the hour learning the proper way to perform the day's skill. You'll learn efficiency tips, scaling options and ways to become better in a specific movement which will make your overall fitness that much better!

Also New! YinWOD! A new class for those of you looking for a good active recovery option on your off day. This class will primarily focus on opening your hips, mobilizing your back and stretching out your shoulders. We'll be programming the workouts/stretches to compliment the week's training and prepare your for the following days. This will be offered at 11:15am and 6pm in the Yoga Studio.

Ski 500m
2 Rounds
1 min Plank Hold
10 each arm Single DB Suitcase Deadlift

Rope Climbs

Cal Row
Rest 1 min between sets