1881 Friday 10/13/2017


Now that everyone involved has had a week to recover from the Throwdown... We wanted to thank you all. Thank you to all the judges for putting in the time before and during the event. You guys did an amazing job with a task that is far from easy. Thanks to the equipment crew for setting everything up over and over all day long. Thanks to the athletes for spending hours and hours training and learning new skills all year round. Thanks to Jed, Lisa and Tom for going above and beyond to make this the best year yet. Our community is why we can put on an event like the Throwdown and attract the teams that we do. It's 100% because of you guys. Thank you.

Row 6 min
3 Rounds
5 Muscle Snatch, bar
5 Snatch Grip Press

1 Snatch Balance with 5 sec pause in the bottom
*Work to a top weight with perfect form

10, 9...1 Ring Pushups
50' Farmers Carry
*For an added challenge, elevate feet 30/24

50 Russian Twists