2084 Saturday 6/9/2018

Run to Blackmore
3 Rounds
2-3 Skin the Cats
10 Reverse Hyper or Light Good Mornings
10 KB Vups
6-10 Strict Pullups

Bar Muscle Ups

Ring Muscle Ups
*Rest to recovery between sets.

Partner WOD
Climbing Lindas
2 Rope Climbs
10, 9, 8...1
Deadlift 1.5xBW
Bench 1xBW
Clean .75xBW
*Use average weight of M/M or F/F pairs.
**Partner 1 will do climbs to start, then move to sets of 10 of each lift. As soon as 1 finishes climbs, 2 can start climbs. When 1 finishes lifts and 2 is off the rope, 1 moves to the rope for 2 climbs and 2 moves to sets of 10 lifts. This pattern continues 9, 8...1. You will do 2 climbs before each set of lifts while your partner is lifting. You cannot start lifts until your partner complets all 3 lifts and moves to the rope.