Wednesday, October 23rd, 2012

Shout Out Time! We'd like to thank Tom Horn for making the weight tree and clip holder for the box. He welded it on his own and put a little personal touch to it and it works great. Thanks Tom!

We're going to mix things up for our regularly schedule program to give your legs and hips a tiny rest.

Skill Work: Snatch Balance 6x3

This will help loosen up the sore hips you may currently have, as well as help you improve core and shoulder stability. Don't go as heavy, this is skill work, focus on catching the snatch in a full squat.

WOD: 5 Rounds for time

Row 250 Meters

20 Push Ups (Hands off Deck)

REC: Ab Circuit

3 rounds, 1 minute each movement

"L" something (either a hold or a hang or on paralletes, you pick)

Hollow Hold

Flutter Kicks (Put hands under your butt and kick up to a 90 degree angle)

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

*SHOUT OUT:* Today's Shout Out goes to one of our Ntensity/CrossFit crossovers, Donna Hoffman. You gotta get up pretty early to catch her because she's always at the 5:15 class. Donna is in the process of an amazing transformation. She epitomizes the Spirit of CrossFit. You'll never see her letting up during a wod and she's not afraid to train her weaknesses. She's already lost over ten pounds but more importantly her body composition has changed dramatically, dropping two sizes! Way to Go, Donna!

STRENGTH: Back Squat/Deadlift Superset

Each athlete will do two rounds. Partner up to help each other. Start with the bar on the rack. One bar per athlete. Select your weight based on 80% of your back squat max or what you can do for 8 reps (with the 8th rep being extremely difficult). Do the back squats then drop the bar and immediately do as many deadlifts as possible, with good form, with that same weight. You can only rest at the top of the deadlift. Once you pause at the bottom, you are done with that set. All deadlifts have to be tap-n-go to count. Rest for five minutes, then repeat for your second round.

WOD: SQT (10 minute tap out)

3 rounds for time

10 Ground to Overhead (95/65)

Sprint 4 Laps on Indoor track

Many of you might be thinking this weight looks too easy. A common problem that arises any time there is running or rowing in a WOD is that we mentally default to "running mode" and we sort of check out and run a slower pace, as if we're pacing ourselves for a distance run. If this is you, realize that there is no pacing with a sprint and make a concerted effort to be mentally dialed in and run the Sprint portion of this WOD as fast as you can each round. Strategy tip: Get all ten unbroken and balls to the wall on the run! (A good time would be around 7 minutes)

REC: Ab Circuit (On your own with a running clock)

3 Rounds - 1 minute for each movement, rest between rounds

Abmat Sit ups

Right Side Plank

Left Side Plank

Russian Medball Twists

Flutter kicks