Back Squat Holds

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Next Saturday and Sunday (13th & 14th), both sides of the box will be unavailable from 8-5 due to the sold out HQ Olympic Lifting Seminar.  We're excited to be hosting this event, please help us make a good impression to visitors and seminar staff.  Please pass the word along to other members of the gym that you know that this space will be unavailable.  We will post an outdoor WOD for Saturday, the 13th.  If you have any questions, let us know.

Strength:  Back Squat Holds 3x3 (8 second hold at the bottom of each rep)

WOD:  15 Minute AMRAP

400 M Run

Max reps unbroken Clean & Jerks (135/95)

*start your next run once you have to take a break on the Clean & Jerks.  Score is total C&J's.

REC:  100 Double Unders for time