Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Announcements and WOD:

Just wanted to give everyone a head's up on what we have planned for the next 30-40 days of programming. We want to help ensure that all of you have a goal to work for in your training that is more specific than just "getting in shape". We want to help you see and record the tangible results of your CrossFit training. So, if you haven't already done so, we want you to create some sort of workout journal. You can buy one at the gym or you can download one on your smartphone or you can go the caveman route and find a piece of paper and a pencil. It doesn't matter, just do it. It'll pay dividends. Recording the basics of date, WOD and result is enough to get you started.

As for the next 30-40 days, we'll be focusing on improving everyone's squat snatch. It's the one move that encompasses every other lift. On Tuesday we'll take time to focus on low-weight work on developing the technique of the squat snatch and give you all some tools that you can use as part of your everyday warmups. On Wednesday we'll take time to work up to and record your one-rep max squat snatch, in addition to the WOD. We'll then re-test your squat snatch in about 35 days to see how it has improved in both form and load. Our programming between tests will be sure to develop each aspect of the snatch while still delivering a top-notch all around workout that won't burn out on any one thing. We'll be posting helpful tips and guidance about how to approach each workout and what the goal of each day is. We hope you all enjoy it.

WOD: Go outside. The weather will be sunny and we want you to put your training to use. Do anything active and give it your best. Go running, walking, biking, rollerskating, skateboarding, wakeboarding, golfing(at a fast pace), kayaking, hiking, wakeboarding, boating, floating, anything! CrossFit is the Sport of Fitness, if you aren't using it to improve your playtime outside of the box then you aren't getting everything out of it you could. Pay attention to how you feel while doing whatever you choose and ask yourself if you would've felt the same 6 months ago. If you really need something to do in the box, you get to do:

"Deifel's Malicious Mile" 

One lap on the track of each malicious movement,


Bear Crawl

Backward sprint

Sandbag carry

Crab walk

High Skip


Burpee broad jump

Farmers Carry  (one kb in each hand (24kg/16kg)

Overhead carry (95/65)(focus on keeping core tight and bar in frontal plane with head in the hole)

Frog Jump (squat down, hands to the ground between legs, explode and lead with the hips for distance)


(You're thinking about what you could do outside a little harder now, aren't you.)  See you all on Tuesday.