Sit ups

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Strength: Bench Press / Push Up Supersets - 3 rounds, no rest between movements of 70% of max, as many reps as possible, followed immediately by max reps of push ups.


21, 15, 9

42, 30, 18

21, 15, 9

Toes to Bar Pull Ups (T2B going straight into a Pull Up)

AbMat Sit ups

KB Windmills (1.5/1)

REC: Belt Squats 5x5 (Squatting atop 2 boxes, with a weighted belt around the Athlete's waist, and squatting to just below parallel)


Friday, February 8, 2013

Today, our own Coach Deifel goes in for heart surgery in Cleveland, OH. Because we at the 307 want to wish him a successful surgery & speedy recovery, we have decided to deviate from his inspired programming. This WOD was created by Kelly Jo following Josh’s cardiac arrest on May 27 of last year. You’ll notice that the rep scheme reflects that date, while the number of rounds, 3, is in honor of the apple of Josh’s eye, his 3 year old daughter Emma. It also includes some of the movements that Josh shines at in the box. Because Coach Deifel is always encouraging us to be precise in our movements and to compete only with ourselves, we have decided to honor his coaching philosophy by turning off the clock for this WOD. Instead of thinking only about beating the person next to you by having the fastest time, think about honoring every movement with full range of motion and about pushing to do better in every rep.  So let’s get after it & leave it all in the box! Hurry back, Josh!

(Please post your favorite Deifel-isms & other encouraging words for Josh to comments!)

WOD: “Coach Deifel” – Scores will be recorded as Athlete’s name, followed by a hand drawn heart. No times will be recorded for this WOD.

3 Rounds for Time

27 Double Unders

27 Back Squats (95/65) Load the Bar from the ground

27 Calorie Row

27 AbMat Sit ups

27 Pull ups - Must use an underhand grip, just like Coach Deifel

Post WOD: Shared burden mile run, broken up in 2 lap increments

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Partner WOD time!  Find a partner and/or arrange to meet with others.

WOD:  "Laverne and Shirley"

3 Rounds for Time

One Lap - Partner Farmer Carry with two barbells, hold the end of each bar, one person in front the other in back, like you're carrying a stretcher (135/115 on each bar)  (Co-ed partnerships have to scale up!)

40 total Over the Rack Partner Wall Balls (20/14)

50 Partner Homeschoolers (Public Schoolers!) (20/14) set a little distance between yourselves, both sit back and up on every rep.

One length of gym-partner lateral burpees


Have fun with this one.  Push each other, encourage each other.  That's what we're all about.