Snatch Test

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Howdy 307ers, you may have noticed the new leader boards in the box. We're hoping you find these as motivational and use them as something to work for. The programming going forward will begin to incorporate the different categories over time. We'll make a note in the daily posting when you have a chance to get your name on the board. Getting your name on the board will be dependent on coming to the class where we'll be testing the category. We'll keep track of the top 5 performers. This is a bit different from the previous Legends test where you could come in and say you want to be tested on one, so show up to class and get it on!

The other important side of this is developing a better understanding and enforcement of proper standards of movement. When Coaches give you the standards of movement and yell "hips below parallel" or "get that ball up to the blue line" or "get that kettlebell over head" and "head through the hole" it's because that is the fitness industry, and more specifically, CrossFit HQ's standard for proper execution of the movement where there is maximum benefit to the body. Many athletes have written scores on the board with an "rx" next to their names because they used the prescribed weight but range of motion was sorely lacking. That's not doing the workout "as prescribed" even though it's still hard work and can improve fitness, albeit in a less beneficial way. (this is why we emphasize scaling because it allows you to develop proper range of motion and thus maximum benefit to the body) Part of a workout being done "as prescribed" means you not only did the listed weight but you also had the proper range of motion. As we test these categories going forward, Coaches and Counters will be looking for proper range of motion as well as prescribed weight and rep count. Let The Fun Begin!

SQUAT SNATCH RE-TEST: The first 20-25 minutes of class will be for you to warm up, and work up to a new 1 rep max squat snatch. Good luck and post what you did to comments!

WOD: "Running Annie"


Double Unders

Abmat Sit ups

Sprint One Lap between rounds

REC: Banded or Weighted Good Mornings

Use a thicker band than last time and do 100 reps. If you use a bar, do a trainer bar or unweighted barbell as a max load and do 75 reps.

Wednesday, Sept 5, 2012

SQUAT SNATCH TEST Hopefully each of you now have a WOD journal so you can log your workouts and progress. The first half (or more) of class will be spent working on the squat snatch. Each of you will log your best squat snatch attempt in your journals and we will re-test in about 30 days. If you cannot do a full squat snatch or do not feel like you are confident in the move, that's just fine. You'll log what you were able to do so you have a benchmark for where you are at and you'll compare it 30 days from now. The point is to do your best and see how your best improves. I expect to see PR's tomorrow and a month from now. It's time to get after it! Check out the video of the 2004 Strongest Man in the World squat snatching 207 kg (457 pounds) and this years 19-year old female olympic Gold medalist in her weight category. Awesome stuff!

Big Boy Lifting

Mighty Mite

PRE-WOD: Coaches will run through the Burgener warm-up and other dynamic stretching Here is a good mobility video for the snatch.

Snatch MWod

WOD: Work up to 1 rep max squat snatch

REC: For time: 1k Row, 50 Double Unders, 1k row. Spend the rest of class rolling out sore legs.