Tate Press

Thursday, January 17th, 2013


Strength Work:

Bench Press 7x7 (Banded, Chains or conventional)

Bent Over Row 5x5 (Banded, Chains or conventional)

Accessory Moves:  (Each move is designed to aid recovery by increasing blood flow, but also strengthen a weakness in the bench press)

Roll Back Extensions 3x12

Banded Push ups 3x10

Tate Press 3x8

From the article Define Yourself by John Doole in the CrossFit Journal

"CrossFit training promises nothing to the athlete and expects everything in return. The only immediate deliverable of CrossFit is the freedom to confront ourselves, to find out who we are at our core—exposed, raw, uncensored. It’s during this time of confrontation when we can seize the opportunity to change. It comes at a cost as change is not easy and it’s always painful. How painful depends on how much we want to change."

How bad do you want to change?