Windshield Wipers

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Skill:  50 Windshield Wipers (These are different from Floor wipers, watch the video.  Sorry it's shaky.).  Or, 35 total Windshield Wipers hanging horizontal from the pull up bar.


WOD:  "Annie" for time


Double Unders (Bring your own jump rope, if you have one.  Please do not tie knots in the Gym ropes!)

Abmat Sit Ups (don't cut the sit ups short; touch your shoulders to the ground, sit up and touch the ground IN FRONT of your toes to get full range of motion.  You're not trying to do crunches!)

REC:  5x7 Dumbbell or Banded Bent Over Flys  (This is an accessory move designed to build strength and increase circulation in the muscle groups used for rowing, pressing and pulling.)