Join us. You will become better at what you already do and do what you never thought you could.

The 307 aka "The Greatest Place on Earth" is located in Casper, Wyoming.  Our box is 7000 sq ft of CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman and Gymnastics.  We can divide into 2 sections to accommodate either 2 separate classes or a class + open gym.  In addition to the box space, you can run on the indoor running track directly next to our box for all your running WODs.  Swim in our 25 yd lap pool for swim WODs.  Do pullups, muscle ups, climb ropes, swing kettlebells, haul sandbags, throw stones, flip tires, lift Olympic weights plus tons more.

CrossFit is a way to workout, a sport, and a lifestyle.  The one thing we cannot put into words and you have to experience for yourself to understand is the 307 Community of athletes all working hard to improve and better their lives.

Whether you CrossFit in one of our classes with one of our amazing coaches or if you WOD at the 307 alone or with friends, you can always get an awesome workout.  The 307 is in Open Gym mode at all times when a class is not going on.