The 307 Program - CHANGES

Changes coming to your Daily Workouts

You can refer to our previous post from a while back here (The 307 Program) that describes our process for how we craft the program you do each day. This post is expanding on that post and describing some changes we are making and why.

For the previous few years we have worked off of a simple template of Warmup, Strength, WOD and REC. Each day has been basically the same format and has absolutely worked in making you guys stronger and fitter through the years. Our process for designing your daily workouts isn't changing much. The presentation and flow will be changing slightly. Instead of labeling each section as Warmup, Strength etc., we're going to label the sections with numbers. This will give you a checklist to follow each day. Each piece of the day is as important as the next and all the pieces put together form the bigger puzzle we're trying to create. It is important that for you to get the full effect of the program you do each piece to the best of your ability and with the desired intensity. Do you do the warmup everyday? Do you do the REC everyday? These small pieces seem (maybe by their labels) as somewhat less significant than the Strength and WOD but that is not true. These pieces give you more volume at lower intensities so you can really focus on quality movement which will transfer into your movement in the Strength and WOD pieces. 

Having a checklist of pieces to the workout will now give us the ability to merge REC with Warmup or place Strength after WOD or do 2 Strengths and many other variables. We'll also be adding time to each piece so you know how long you should be spending there to be able to finish everything within a 60 min window.

We're anticipating that these changes will only bring more results your way. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to stop by and talk to us anytime!