December Olympic Lifting Programming

Here is Decembers Oly lifting programming, I really encourage people to come to class to really get feed back on lifts and technique, however feel free to follow along with the program.

12/3- 8x2 Snatch balance, 1 High hang snatch+1 low hang snatch+1 full snatch(work up to heaviest load in 25 min), 3x10 muscle snatch

12/5- 12x1 complex (1 push press+1 jerk, work up to heaviest load), Complex 20 min work to heaviest load of 1 high hang clean+1 take off, Accessory 30 High box jumps work to highest jump possible.

12/10-Snatch balance 8x1, 20 min work up to heaviest load of full snatch, 3x10 one arm dumbbell muscle snatch

12/12-Pause front squat 6x2, 20 min work to heaviest load of 1full clean+1high hang squat clean, 2x20 Top down deadlifts

12/17-3x5 of 1 muscle snatch+1 behind the neck press, spend rest of class work up to heaviest load of 1 Full snatch + 1 snatch balance

12/19- Jump squat 3x5, 12x2 high hang squat clean

12/24-6x2 Snatch Balance, 20 min heavy singles high hang snatch, 2x20 snatch deadlift high pull

12/26- 8x1 push press, Heaviest load High hang squat Clean & Jerk

12/31-One Rep max Snatch