There are so many supplements out there, it can be hard to wade through fact and fiction, one supplement that is not well know that has good research backing it is Alpha Lipoic Acid. Alpha Lipoic Acid is and anti-oxidant thats has been used in the clinical setting for things like liver problems, diabetic neuropathy, and other neurological issues because of its neuralogical protection abilities. It also has been proven to help regenerate other anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and E, as well as increase glutathione another very important anti-oxidant, in addition, ALA has been shown to lower blood sugar by encouraging its storage in the muscles and liver, instead of fat cells. This applies to us as athletes for multiple reasons, first being that because we get more of an anti-oxidant capacity out of vitamins like E and C, we can help ourselves deal with the oxidative damage produced from high intensity exercise. Second, ALA's ability to lower blood sugar into the muscles, should help stay lean and limit the gaining of fat. This can be an expensive supplement, and isnt for everyone, however, it is worth a look. Here is a good article talking about some of the benefits of this supplement.