Saturday, February 16, 2013

Technique: 5 x 5 Hang Squat Cleans with Sandbag (2 bags - 90# / 1 bag - 45#) 

Working with a sandbag is a great way to strengthen the extend/shrug transition into the drop of the squat/catch. Really focus on those points as you go through these reps.

WOD: Partner WOD (Though this can just as easily be performed solo) 

2nd athlete cannot perform any movement until the first athlete has completed all reps of that same movement.

16 Minute AMRAP

3 Clean & Jerks (165/105)

5 Ring Dips

5 Hand Stand Push Ups (scale to 3 Wall Walks)

Without resting, move directly into...

4 Minute AMRAP

Max Reps of Muscle Ups (scale to 1 Chest to Bar Pull Up & 1 Ring Dip. Must be performed consecutively.)

Score is total number of rounds completed + total completed muscle Ups.

REC: 25 Reverse Hyper and 25 Knee Jumps